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Talking Doesn’t Mean You’ve Said Something: Dispatches from Reality


So, I went to Ferguson for a few days and agreed to share my observations with this outlet. They ran this piece: 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jesse Williams Blasts Police Over ‘Plantation Vibe’ at Ferguson October Protests

Nowhere in the conversation did I “blast” police. I am not the aggressor in this scenario.
The Wrap immediately prints a rebuttal from the St. Louis PD. (Do we get immediate printed rebuttals for every blatant propaganda piece that comes out re: police/vigilante shootings of black/brown citizens?)

Police Dispute Jesse Williams’ Claims Made During TheWrap’s Exclusive Interview

Same crap, different day: Provocative headline followed by emptiness. 
The St. Louis PD does not actually dispute anything I’ve said in a substantive way. As usual, there are glaring holes in every comment they make but since they have a badge, we just pretend that the emperor is wearing clothes. 
I made reference to the Chief of St. Louis PD repeatedly lying on Twitter. Here are a couple gems:






Live stream footage and photos quickly and easily revealed seated, peaceful protestors. There was nothing resembling “storming” (code for aggressively advancing with intent to break in, looting and/or other “black” stuff that Americans gobble up like catnip.)

This guy, who is somehow a police chief, chose to make a public statement of fact, which was never true. He was immediately called out not only by those present but those watching it all unfold via livestream. The latest response to my observation is pathetic and immaterial. Not only does he not have a shred of evidence, he admits that he doesn’t know what the hell he was talking about; he just heard something about a lady who wasn’t there, calling a news station. Not even a distress call to the police reporting a potential crime, which still wouldn’t trump what’s actually happening in front of everyone’s eyes. Someones “worried” so the police chief can lie about being under seige, to justify the only real aggression on display that night:

Might this be the “great restraint and professionalism” the wise and sage-like Chief Dotson was referring to?

As a result of Darren Wilson killing an unarmed teen before being shepherded away for indefinite paid leave with no threat of prompt adjudication, American’s peacefully assembled. Try as you might, the American’s voicing their disappointment with public servants and policy, are not the aggressors here.

Being a cop does not make you honest, or more dignified or valuable than any of the citizens engaging their basic freedoms. In fact, police have a universally understood “No Snitching” policy. (But it’s Black America alone that’s truly vilified for a segment’s “stop snitching” culture.) Police have demonstrated a tireless dedication to dishonesty on matters of alleged misconduct. We all know this. Being entrusted with such an influential and privileged responsibility, while flagrantly disrespecting it, and those who’ve granted it, certainly makes them less reliable as a source of information on the topic. They’re not going to investigate themselves. They’re word is not automatically more valuable, or accurate, than eye witnesses. Yet police and police unions are constantly allowed to create and steer the narrative.
Chief Dotson, like much of the police and their mouthpieces, got caught behaving like an entitled preteen: routinely spouting reckless gossip with a casual dishonesty that is itself evidence of a power and privilege truly unfettered by the threat of oversight, investigative journalism or an analytical populace. But then again he’s a police chief, who is male and white, so his consequence-free lifestyle remains intact while we bow our heads in habitual deference, to the bullshit.
This goes for Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson and the throngs of others who have constant unearned access to the microphone. Charge the killer, investigate the crime, collect the evidence and go to trial. 
Jeff Roorda, the head of the St. Louis Police Union, is currently campaigning for a seat in the Missouri senate. Thing is, he was a police officer, until he was fired for falsifying reports. This is the guy that news outlets are constantly sourcing for information. After being caught too many times, “…he got a job somewhere else as a Police Chief. And weeks before Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown, Roorda introduced a bill that would protect officers who murder citizens. Roorda is now trying to prevent police officers from having to wear body cameras" (quotations via DailyKOS writer @ShaunKing) 
In the event of a police shooting at a teenager 16 times, can you think of a more biased source to possess and report the ballistics findings than a police union rep who has been fired for falsifying reports? Honestly? 
Some things are complex. This is not complex. Inattentive, lopsided reporting is corporate welfare.


The Undiscovered First // Feist 


what a beautiful day to not be in high school


A photo I took in the lovely old town of Saarburg in Germany, where there is a waterfall in the middle of the pedestrian area. 

Salome by Max Oppenheimer, 1913.

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