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my mantra

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Bouncy ball installation by Nick Savvas

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can i just say this

if you ever wanna talk to me about appropriating or offending YOUR culture, we can have that discussion. You will have my attention and I will listen to what you have to say.

I will not respect these little microwave historians who think they’re the expert on everyone elses culture and feel like it’s their place to speak for others. you need to stop. having a tumblr account does not make you everyone elses culture police

there are some things that are undisputably racist, and yeah, you should call that out. but if you ever get to the point where you’re literally speaking on behalf of people that have their own voices and opinions, you need to stop

you need to stop

you need to stop

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Nature; the most beautiful and serene is often the most ruthless and destructive

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Pokémon Red/Blue: The Kanto region

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[F]or the first several years the SAT was offered, males scored higher than females on the Math section but females achieved higher scores on the Verbal section. ETS policy-makers determined that the Verbal test needed to be “balanced” more in favor of males, and added questions pertaining to politics, business and sports to the Verbal portion. Since that time, males have outscored females on both the Math and Verbal sections. Dwyer notes that no similar effort has been made to “balance” the Math section, and concludes that, “It could be done, but it has not been, and I believe that probably an unconscious form of sexism underlies this pattern. When females show the superior performance, ‘balancing’ is required; when males show the superior performance, no adjustments are necessary.”

“Gender Bias in College Admissions Tests”, FairTest.org

And then people urge me everything is fine, of course it is, when you’re ignoring statistics that is.

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Fun fact: SAT tests predict college performance pretty well for men, but they strongly underpredict college performance for women. http://spp.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/12/20/1948550612469038.abstract


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I think I’ve reblogged this before, but that study needs to be shared.

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"Milk N’ Cookies Money"

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